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1. Admission Procedure

Any student with the Minimum Qualification specified in the notification (Including those students awaiting results) can apply for the Admission.

2. Counselling

For Registration and Admissions, the student must report himself / herself in person, accompanied by parents with the duly filed up Application form.

3. Registration

The right of Registration of students is fully reserved BY Royal Educational Charitable Trust. For Admission & Registration, applicant should produce their Marklist, Photographs & Certificates as a proff of Minimum Qualification for the Eligibility of the course and Registration Fees at the time of Counselling.

4. Cancellation of Admission / Registration

Royal Educational Charitable Trust has the right to Cancel the Admission / Registration of any student, if any irregularities are found in terms of the admission or enrollment procedures or eligibility for admission, at any time during the training period or otherwise, immediately on Finding such irregularity.

5. Attendance

To be eligible for the Semester Examination, students should have a Minimum of 80 Percent attendance based on the actual number of working days.

6. Leave Admissible to Trainees

Medical Leave : A student who is unable to attend training owing to illness may be allowed Medical Leave up to 10 Days.

Course Fees : Course Fee will be payable to Trust with regard to students who avail at the above Leaves.

7. Unauthorised Absence

For unauthorised absence of less than 5 Consecutive days at a time, then the principle will issue a writtem warning to the students for the first occasion, if the offence is repeated, then it will affect the cancellation of registration and removal from the Rolls.

8. Sessional Marks

A periodic training evaluation of each student will be carried out by Unique College. The Weightage for Evaluation would be as follows;

Percentage of Attendance 20%
Assignments, Seminars & Record Book 10%
Character & Conduct in the Campus 10%
Marks Obtained in the Monthly and Weekly Examinations 60%

9. Examinations & Halls Tickets

The Final Examination at the end of each Semister will be conducted by the CTDS (Council of Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational & Scientific Studies). The Schedule for Semister examinations conducted will be informed to the students. The student can apply for the examination after the duration of the specific course frrom the date of the registration, has been completed. In the addition a minimum of 80% attendance is Compulsory.

10. Certificate

The right of preparation and issuing of Certificates is reserved by CTDS. The marks secured by the students will be indicated in the marklist will be issued to the students soon after the Examinations.

11. Course Fee

The students must pay the Course Fee. Fees once paid will not be refunded in any Circumstances.